Thomas Tidlund

Meet Thomas Tidlund

Top Earner, Speaker and Trainer

Based in Sweden, Thomas Tidlund has over 16 years of experience in Network Marketing and is a top earner in his company.

Once a High School drop out, Thomas went on to become an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire.

Thomas is a strong believer and teacher of the Science of the Mind philosophy and well-known wherever he goes for his philosophy to "lead with love unconditionally, and speak the truth in good and in difficult times."

On building relationships or partnerships, Thomas says that "you need to have the foundation of love, integrity, mutual respect and smart trust in place.

"Having fun and making memories. LOVE is what's life is all about..."

Thomas firmly believes that we have to strive to do things right - ethically and in practice - 100% of the time.

He and his wife Donna are relentless when it comes to personal development - a huge help to keep them growing both as individuals and as a couple.

As Thomas says, "The victory in the future will be much greater than the victories in the past...

When not traveling, Thomas and Donna, who is also a top earner and mentor in network marketing, live in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Sweden.

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