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Founder of BusinessforHome.org: Direct Selling Facts, Figures and News Stories

Ted Nuyten founded the popular Direct Selling facts, figures and news stories website BusinessForHome.org. Ted is the CEO and Chairman of the Business For Home Foundation, established in year 2007, in the Netherlands under Dutch law, and Dini Noorlander, is Chief Relations Officer. Ted has extensive experience in the Corporate World working for IBM, Siemens, DELL, and Verizon as well as in Direct Selling and Internet Marketing and lives in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam.

The Business For Home.org website receives an estimated four million unique visitors from all over the world per year, with the majority being Network Marketing Professionals.

Approximately three times a week a mailing is distributed to 74,000+ worldwide double opt-in subscribers.

Additionally, articles are shared through the Business For Home Facebook Business Page which is currently liked by 42,000+; also, via Twitter and LinkedIn.

On average the website is serving 12,000 – 15,000+ visitors per day, with all-time daily highs of 70,000 visitors per day when "Breaking News" occurs or Poll voting takes place.

The majority of the articles are positive. However, at times, law suits and controversial news is published as well.

Business For Home concentrates on Direct Selling facts and figures, therefore some people call Ted Nuyten "The Score Keeper For the Direct Selling Industry." The objective of the website is to show the "outside" world that Direct Selling, Network Marketing, MLM is a great way to earn an honest living with unlimited potential. Therefore the website is distributing information such as: Direct Selling News and press releases, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) news, Network Marketing news, estimated earnings for the Top Earners in the Industry (above $5,000 per month) and voter opinion polls.

At times Business For Home publishes interviews with top earners and corporate executives and places them in the spotlight. (You need to have a great story!) Regularly Ted and Dini travel around the world to visit Direct Selling companies' Headquarters and Corporate Offices to get first-hand information, facts and figures and to meet in-person with the owners and top earners within the Network Marketing profession.

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