Robert Hollis

$43 Million Earner, Author of How Is THAT Working? and Mentor to 44 Millionaires (and counting!)

Author of How Is THAT Working? and Mentor to 44 Millionaires (and counting!), Robert Hollis has been hugely successful, building networks of over 1,000,000+ people, and has helped 44 people (and counting!) to earn over $1 million dollars per year - and thousands to earn 6 figures per year! Robert’s goal is to mentor others to become happy and FREE in every way!

In his book, Robert shares how he recovered from a tragic accident to become a pioneer, leader and master trainer. He identifies the common pitfalls that cause many businesses to falter and fail, and offers strategies to avoid these mistakes, and the essential steps required to build a successful enterprise to attract and keep loyal customers and business partners.

Having earned in excess of $43 million, Robert is now on a mission to inspire people to reach for their dreams. As an entrepreneurial evangelist, he seizes every opportunity to encourage all who will listen to take ownership of their economic future. Robert teaches the value of residual income and trains on how to master the skills, methods and techniques to capitalize on them for maximum profitability in their business. He has built several successful businesses including one that serves a satisfied customer base of over 600,000 people in 9 countries, yielding a large passive, residual income every year.

More importantly, he has trained thousands of people to generate residual income for themselves and their families: to date, Robert has documented 44 millionaires who credit him as their business mentor.

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