Kenny Lloyd

Meet Kenny Lloyd

Highly Accomplished Multi-Million Dollar Earner, Successful Entrepreneur and Vice President of North American Sales

Kenneth Earl Lloyd, known to everyone as "Kenny", is a present-day renaissance man who is blazing new trails in bold entrepreneurship and servant leadership. He has accomplished much and achieved tremendous financial success earning a seven-figure income throughout his career as a power broker for 15 impressive years in the real estate mortgage industry, and more recently, as a successful entrepreneur in the network marketing profession for the past 5 explosive years. More importantly, Kenny is impacting countless lives as he inspires, encourages, trains, and empowers people around the world to achieve financial and time freedom as well as personal fulfillment in their lives. He is a man on a mission to help as many people reach their fullest potential in business and life.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Kenny is from a long line of great and accomplished people. Success and significance are part of his DNA. He grew up in a strong and loving family, and his parents are exceptional role models for him. His father, Earl Lloyd is an exemplary father, who was the first African-American to play in the NBA. His team won a national championship, and he is in the NBA Hall of Fame. He was also the head coach for the Detroit Pistons. Kenny's mother, Dr. Virginia Lloyd, is a wonderful mother, and earned a PhD degree in education. She is a retired educator. Kenny had early aspirations of becoming a lawyer; he earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Tennessee State University. His journey and destiny, however, would usher him on a different path, and he is strategically positioned in his current work to help millions to achieve their own greatness, significance, and success. His knowledge, education, business savvy, and communication skills, bolstered by his parents' example, wisdom, and unrelenting insistence on excellence, helped to make him the man he is today as well as to prepare him for the success he now enjoys. Kenny has three gifted children: Sierra, Alexander, and Myles.

Kenny has certainly made some "smart moves" in his life, but he would be the first to admit that one of his smartest moves was to marry his beautiful and dynamic wife, Chante, a native of Houston, TX. They have been together as partners in life and business for 7 years, and one of their greatest joys is working and building together – from home.

In their first year together as a couple, they had a great year financially. But as a result of the downturn of the economy, they experienced a downturn and even a capsizing of their financial status. They lost everything but the most important things – their faith in God and their belief in each other. They were broke – but not broken. They realized that "their big setback was a prime setup for a great comeback." And come back – they did! They believe God led them to the world of network marketing in December, 2008. They discovered in network marketing, a world of opportunity, which enabled them to help people substantially change their lives while substantially changing their own lives in the process. Working together, they earned a seven-figure income in just two years.

Their success has afforded them the financial resources to provide jobs in their community, give generously to charities of their choice, and make a significant difference in the lives of others. They believe that everything they've done, learned, experienced, endured, and overcome has helped to develop them into the achievers and leaders they are blessed to be today. Kenny's philosophy is that every day is a dress rehearsal for your breakthrough. You've got to bring your A-Game every day! He advocates developing and presenting yourself as "the total package," because you can't sell a dream looking like a nightmare!

Kenny has been featured in numerous publications, including Success From Home magazine and most recently, as a Master Networker in Networking Times.

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