Kathy Robbins


Master Networker, Teacher and Mentor With Style, Ethics and Professionalism

Kathy loved her career as a high school teacher, but found the income potential lacking. She left teaching to enter the investment business as a sales representative. She later became the manager of a tri-state office for a national firm. When Kathy took control of the office it was ranked 126th in the company. After just 18 months, it was ranked number 15. She eventually started her own investment company and although she was very successful in the investment business, running her own company left little time to enjoy her success or the freedom to travel.

At that time one of her clients was a successful network marketer, who suggested she try network marketing on a part-time basis. Kathy quickly made it to the top position and when she had replaced her strong six-figure income; she left the investment industry to become a full-time networker. Her success, both corporately and in the Network Marketing arena, has made her a valuable consultant to network companies in the areas of operations, sales and marketing and expansion.

Kathy is a smart, savvy business woman, an incredible teacher and mentor, and one of the top performers in the Network Marketing profession worldwide. Together Kathy and her partner have built organizations totaling over 200,000+ people in more than 15 different countries. They have made it to the top of every company they have been involved in and they have done it with style, ethics and professionalism.

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