John Haremza

From Struggling With Dyslexia, Low Self-Esteem and a $22K Per Year Maintenance Job, to Helping His Teams Earn Over $200 Million in Commissions - and Personally Earning $14 Million

Over the last 6 months, John's team's sales have grown from $300,000 a month to over $1,500,000 a month. For the last 12 months, his sales have increased by double digits month over month. Over the past 25 years, John has helped his teams earn over $200,000,000 in commissions and he has personally earned $14,000,000.

John Haremza is a master distributor, featured in numerous publications such as Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Networkers and as one of the 21 greatest network marketers in the latest book by John Milton Fogg, The Greatest Networkers in the World.

John says, "Network marketing has afforded me and my family an incredible life of friends around the world, great homes, travel, and fine dining. But life has not always been easy. As a child with dyslexia, I was perceived as slow, dumb and stupid. I was put in special classes to have tests read to me.

"When I was in high school the teachers would call on me to read out loud. I would struggle and stammer and stumble through the passage. To this day I can hear my class mates laughing and taunting me. My teachers were frustrated with me and even my parents were asking, "Why can't John read?" I wanted to know why I could not read. No matter how hard I tried the words all jumbled together. I had no self-esteem, no confidence and I just wanted to be invisible.

"Amazing as it may seem I still struggle with reading to this very day. One of the exciting things about this industry is that it does not prejudge anybody regardless of education, age, race, finances or where you live. The opportunity is there for you to take full advantage of. There I was 24 years old, in debt, in a small town in Minnesota living in a trailer. I had no money and no education but I grabbed the opportunity. Regardless of your situation or circumstances you can do this too.

"After I graduated high school, I got a job as a machine operator at a potato chip company. Eventually I got promoted to my dream job in maintenance and I thought that my on-call 24/7, $22,000 a year job was the best job I would ever have. My family thought so too.

"My introduction to network marketing: A good friend invited me to a meeting at his house... Because of my mechanical skills I assumed that he wanted me to check out the product or build a display. Certainly not sell. Because of my learning disability I was very, very introverted with no self-esteem and no confidence.

"We had a problem on the production line so I was several hours late for the meeting. I walked in late still wearing my work clothes, smelling like potato chips, wearing my safety goggles and yes, even my hair net. I can still see the expression of the faces of the two suits from Minneapolis. 'We waited two hours for this guy?'

"They demonstrated the product, and I was amazed. There were five of us there that night but I was the only one who got excited and wrote a postdated check... I decided then and there that no matter what, I was going to become a Direct Distributor. "The reception I got at home (a 12 by 72 foot Garland trailer) was not enthusiastic. We were going to be married that month and my fiancé was not happy. Everyone I knew from family to friends to co-workers at the plant, even management assumed I had lost my mind. I still remember sitting in the break room and having co-workers tell me I would fail.

"I remember saying, 'If I try and fail, the worst that can happen is I have to come back and get a job like you have.' You could have heard a pin drop.

"I went from a blue collar worker, in debt, making $9.00 an hour with a high school education (sort of), with a severe learning disability, no business experience, no sales experience, no self-esteem or confidence and certainly no knowledge or understanding of network marketing to having personally earned over $14 Million in Network Marketing. Furthermore, the people I have introduced have benefited - generating over $200 Million in earnings.

"I now enjoy 3 homes, time to enjoy life and my family - plus all the toys, including my Harleys!

"People look at me now and assume it was easy but back then I had no sales experience and no business knowledge. I did not understand recruiting. I struggled for many months. Then I attended an event which opened my eyes to the concept of recruiting and leverage... and I got it!

"After 6 months I was able to quit my maintenance job and go full time. My paradigm changed forever. I learned how to become more and more effective and successful over time, and I've now earned over $14,000,000 in commissions through becoming a Network Marketing professional."

The Greatest Networker in the World is a book written by John Milton Fogg which features chapters on the top networkers, including John Haremza. Fogg did an excellent interview with John called "I'm Going to the Top!" which is also the title of an inspirational book written by John. Listen to this interview and gain an understanding of some of the changes John Haremza had to make in himself and his life to become successful in network marketing.

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