Jim Lupkin


Author of the #1 bestselling book, Network Marketing For Facebook, and trainer to more than 100,000 distributors producing $100+ million in sales

Jim Lupkin is a 20-year veteran of network marketing and social media.

In October 1995, Jim joined as a distributor in his first network marketing company. Over the course of four years, he personally recruited 40 distributors and grew a team to 800 distributors, employing some of the earliest forms of social media.

Then in 2001, he had the unique opportunity to be coached by Mark Yarnell. Applying the knowledge passed down from Mark, together with Jim's rapidly-expanding knowledge of social media, Jim personally recruited more than 500 distributors producing multiple millions of dollars over the course of 3 years. More powerfully, he helped create 40% of the top recruiters in the company by teaching them how, where and when to use the elements of social media as they built their businesses.

He took his social media skills and co-founded a software company producing more than 1,000 clients within a few years. The majority of his clients came from MySpace (an early Facebook like website)

Recognizing the rising popularity of social media amongst network marketing distributors, small business and large companies, Jim co-founded the largest social media agency for Arizona in 2009.

Jim had the rare opportunity to enter the corporate side of network marketing in 2012. He helped a company grow by $70 million dollars and increase their distributorship from 4,000 to 45,000 distributors in 19 months using Facebook.

He recently published a #1 bestselling book:Network Marketing For Facebook: Proven Social Media Techniques For Direct Sales & MLM Success. The book is being used by 60 different network marketing companies. The book has been spoken about in Inc. Magazine, Direct Selling News Magazine, Networking Times Magazine, major radio shows like Doug Firebaugh and Tom Chenault and other media.

Many consider him a thought-leader on social media for the direct sales and network marketing profession.

Jim says, "My passion is to even the playing field for all distributors, so that you can succeed at any level."

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