Jackie Ulmer


Social Media and Network Marketing Coach With Proven, Sustainable Results

Jackie Ulmer is a Network Marketing veteran, industry coach and MLM author. She's built a multiple six figure income using the Internet to build her Network Marketing business while maintaining the roles of wife, mom, kids cab driver, and social coordinator. Social Media marketing is the platform she enjoys using, learning and coaching on.

Jackie is a no-frills, no-nonsense social media expert who doesn’t teach anything she hasn’t produced sustainable results with herself. A baby-boomer and stay-at-home mom, she has a down-to-earth personality and teaching style that will appeal to anyone. What she teaches are things anyone can do, but most of us don’t because we get lost in the endless possibilities social media offers. She will show you how to focus and leverage your time and efforts most effectively. She applies decades of experience in solid relationship building and universal marketing principles with today’s cutting-edge online media tools.

Her true passion is empowering WAHMs and "would-be WAHMs" on how to start and build a business from home, using the tools offered by the Internet. She also works with men and young entrepreneurs, coaching them to believe in themselves and reach for the stars. She is the author of numerous popular training tools including: Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Into Your Business Using Web 2.0; MLM, the Internet and You: How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business Online; Power Recruiting: How to Sponsor Your Dream Team; and Facebook For MLM and Direct Sales Profits. Additionally, she offers video training to teach others how to create the power mindset of the WAHM; getting your business started; Social Media Marketing and Tools; Building Your Business Online With Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes A Day and More.

Jackie is on the faculty at Networking University and the Editorial Board at Networking Times. She is also a Real Savvy Success Speaker and Co-Founder; Home Business Radio Show Weekly Host; and Featured Speaker at Margie Alipandi’s Tele-Summit, No Excuses Summit II, Contributor at First Class MLM with Tim Sales and Telesummit Presenter at Annette Bau’s Millionaire Series for Women.

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