Jack Fallon

Meet Jack Fallon

CEO and Founder of a Fast-Growing Privately-Held Company

Jack Fallon is the Founder and CEO of a privately held, fast-growing company founded in 1999 and operated by an experienced group of network marketing veterans. Jack Fallon's company markets health and beauty products, and has a presence in over 140 countries, including the United States, Canada, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia.

Jack's company recently announced its first wave of 6-Figure-Monthly earners, with Jack signing a total of almost $4 million in commission checks at convention. They are experiencing rapid growth and ramping up for even greater growth this year.

BusinessForHome.org Interviewed Jack Fallon (2012)

Jack, how did you got involved into the Direct Selling industry?

As with most Direct marketers, a few acquaintances introduced me to a method of earning additional income.

What attracted you in the business model?

This industry gave me direct control over my income. My personal efforts would determine my success and provide me the means to raise my family without concerns of a volatile economy and job market.

How was your company founded?

I was raised in the Midwest where an emphasis is placed on hard work, providing for your family and helping others in need. Like many others in my community, I worked in the automotive industry – but I believed there was something more important I should be doing. A few acquaintances had become involved in a home-based business and encouraged me to learn more.

The concept of operating such a business appealed to me, but the products' core values of some companies made me question if I would have the opportunity to help others in some way other than coaching them on working a business plan. If I was to reach my goal of helping others with their health and financial wellness, I would need to create the company myself.

The company has a significant presence in Asia, Latin America and various other countries around the world - how did this happen?

As with everything in life, and especially in Direct Marketing, one’s success is dependent on the hard work and caring of those close to you. The members of our team and "family" believe in the benefits of our product line and shared their vision with family and friends around the world, including people in these countries. In other words, we are a global company because of the work and the beliefs of our associates.

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