Dave Skultety

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Built Organizations With 250,000+ Customers & Associates, Generated More Than $500 Million in Sales

David Skultety is a passionate Lifestyle Entrepreneur. David has built organizations with 250,000+ customers and associates, that generated more than $500 million in sales. He is a veteran of the industry, both as a distributor and a business consultant, and loves the freedom and lifestyle it affords for his family and so many others.

Last summer, David Skultety packed up his family of five and hit the road on a four-week RV trek through the western US. The 2,700-mile journey was filled with sightseeing, national parks and memory making. What the family trip didn’t include was worrying about getting back to work or stressing over every penny spent.

Because David is a professional network marketer, he sets his own schedule and enjoys residual income. "For us, network marketing isn’t about the money, it’s about empowering others to achieve time freedom,” David says. "It's the lifestyle that is important to us. My kids have always grown up with their parents at home making their breakfast. It’s all they’ve known."

David and his wife Marcella are able to spend time with their children when it counts. They both get to attend school functions — which make them an anomaly in today’s society.

"The difference between most traditional career paths and network marketing is that you are not tied to a specific location,” David says. "You can work anywhere you want to, whenever you want to."

Beyond creating an amazing lifestyle for his own family, David finds joy in helping others do the same: "People are conditioned to believe that they have to trade time for dollars, but there is a flat-out easier model we can teach them about," David says. "I’m passionate about helping others achieve their personal definition of freedom."

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