Craig Smith

Meet Craig Smith

Two Decades Creating World-Class Business and Marketing Tools

Craig Smith has two decades in creating world-class business and marketing tools for large sales organizations.

Craig’s first entrepreneurial success combined his love of tennis and love of business: he built the largest tennis school in Canada – with 77 pro shops, 2 retail stores and 27 clubs. The business was named "Success Story for 1998" by the Canadian Entrepreneurship Center.

After selling his tennis enterprise, Craig discovered the freedom and potential in a new type of business model. He joined a multi-BILLION-dollar Network Marketing company, building a large organization which expanded into 14 international markets over 14 years. It was during that time that he first developed an online system that became the largest online recruiting and training system worldwide for this multi-billion-dollar giant.

Craig now serves as President for a Network Marketing company based in Dallas, Texas, with science-based health products ideal for sporting communities, health professionals and everyday people - together with a focus on a social movement and spirit of charitable giving to organizations which help stop the cycle of domestic violence and provide spiritual, emotional and financial healing and strength to families.

Craig has helped lead the company to over $150 Million in sales since the company began in 2010.

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