Bri Richardson

Successful Top Earner, Top Leader and Top Recruiter, and First to Achieve Highest Paying Company Status

In Bri's own words:

"Hello fellow Network Marketing Entrepreneurs! My name is Bri Richardson. I am a successful 'Network Marketing Maniac' and I love to share generic information/tips on how to really be successful in the Network Marketing Business.

"I am a mom and wife who was determined to find a way to work from home while raising my children. After researching my options, I found that Network Marketing was the only way that I would be able to completely control my future. I was skeptical and scared but had enough faith in myself and I knew if it could be done, I could do it.

"I struggled for few years in the industry but I never gave up; instead, I changed my strategy. I realized that I couldn't figure this out on my own and started educating myself and following top leaders in the industry. I was reading their books and realizing I had it all wrong. I adjusted my strategies and took pieces from each and every leader, along with lessons learned through my own experience, implemented them into my business and made it my own.

"Recently, I was able to retire my husband from his corporate job and give my family financial stability we never even dreamed was possible.

"My mission now is to share my experiences and knowledge with you, in hopes that you are able to take even one piece and apply it to your own business to help change your life. I am honest, living proof that the Network Marketing structure works and when your determination to succeed is bigger than your ability to accept excuses and give up, you can create a life beyond your biggest dreams.

"I don't have any fancy awards outside of my company recognition and I'm not featured in any industry magazines, videos or websites. What I do have is personal experience in the industry and an extreme passion for the business and watching people succeed.

"I'm not famous and am not a household name. I am a mom and wife who discovered Network Marketing as an alternative to returning to Corporate America after having my children.

"I am a woman who has seen both the struggles and success of the business and feel like I finally figured it all out!

"To toot my own horn a little and give myself some reflection of credibility; I am a top earner, top leader and top recruiter in my company. I reached success quickly with my company but fought through years of struggle to find it. The experience I have obtained over the years had turned me into 'The Network Marketing Maniac!'"


2015 CAR Bonus Achiever

2015 First to Achieve Highest Paying Company Status

2014 Bermuda Cruise Earner

2014 Greece Excursion Earner

2014 Top Leader

2014 Top Earner

2014 Top Recruiter

2013 Top 10 for $10k bonus

2013 Top Party Sales

2013 Top Recruiter

2013 Top Earner

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