Bob Quintana

Bob Quintana

From Consultant to the Fortune 500, to Creating True Freedom, Fulfillment and Lifestyle

Based in New Jersey, Bob Quintana is a top earner in a network marketing company. He leads a team of over 9,000 associates who serve over 100,000 customers.

Bob was a traditional entrepreneur for almost twenty years before he joined the network marketing profession. Being a management consultant and real estate investor allowed him to earn a high income, but not to leverage his time, which Bob found to be a significant gap in his entrepreneurial pursuits. Several years during that time he earned over one million dollars in personal income. For almost 15 years he owned and operated the #1 franchise within the Tony Robbins’ Training organization, and taught and implemented training initiatives throughout North America, and in Europe. His clients included companies like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Ford, AT&T, Carnival Cruise Lines and many others.

In 2005, just after getting married to his wife Pennie, he realized that his businesses had created a vicious cycle where he was only as good as his next deal. While he owned his businesses, he came to the conclusion that in fact, his businesses owned him!

Bob realized he had two choices: work for the next 10-20 years, chasing and fulfilling big deals until he had enough financial resources to maintain his family’s lifestyle without working; or find a new business that would allow him to create passive residual income while enjoying the process of contributing to others and making a difference in the world.

Having done consulting projects with several top-level producers in Network Marketing, and having dabbled in Network Marketing before, Bob was always intrigued with the business model, but never imagined it was where he was meant to be.

After lots of due diligence and soul-searching he decided to join the Network Marketing profession in 2006 with a great company, full of excitement, confidence, and positive expectation. After jumping into the profession with both feet, Bob promptly got his butt-kicked in the business over his first 6 months, as he lacked the understanding, mentoring, and guidance he needed to succeed.

He will be forever grateful to the phenomenal mentor who "adopted" him cross-line, and mentored him regardless of the fact that he didn’t benefit directly from Bob's production! It was from this gentleman that Bob learned much of what he need to know, and 6 months later Bob reached the Diamond level with that company.

Now Bob is the #2 income earner in his Network Marketing company. Thanks to his amazing and rapidly-expanding team, he has over 9,000 Associates and over 100,000 customers in his organization. Bob has also served on his company's Associate Leadership Council since its inception (Chairman in 2012) and he absolutely believes that true leadership is about service to others.

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