Amber Voight

"The MLM Queen": Mom of 3 Has Created the Life of Her Dreams and Wants to Show Others How to Do the Same!

Amber Voight is a young network marketing leader who already has over 40,000 people on her team. At age twenty-eight, she has been in direct selling for eleven years, during which she also owned some traditional businesses. Network marketing became her vehicle of choice when she discovered her purpose is to help people transform their lives in the simplest, most fun, and most efficient way.

Amber joined her current company in August 2013 and reached the top rank in the compensation plan in just three months. Today her team has many of the company's top earners, and is generating over $1 million in sales a month, which began as a result of building relationships on Facebook and hosting "parties" online.

Based in Elk River, Minnesota, Amber and her husband David are also raising their three young boys, but thankfully Amber was able to retire David from his job just three months after she joined her company. David's support with childcare and household chores (some of which they outsource) allows Amber to balance her focus between family and business in a harmonious home environment.

Amber loves network marketing so much that she already has her heart set on being a generic trainer so she can contribute to the profession at large. Being featured in Networking Times, the premier print publication in our profession, was a dream come true and a major milestone on her path to becoming a top speaker and educator in the network marketing space. Amber also hosts her own radio show on the Home Business Radio Network.

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