Adam T. Green

Featured in the popular book The Four Year Career, Adam Green at just 25 years old built an organization that grows by over 2,500 members monthly and achieves $1.5 million in monthly sales.

Just 3½ years ago, Adam Green found himself working as a personal trainer and living for the weekend and without a driving purpose. In November 2011, at age 22 Adam decided it was time for a change and began building a full-time Network Marketing business.

Fast forward to 2014 and in just over two years, Adam’s team had already grown to over 30,000+ members and grows by thousands of people per month! Adam's story about how he has built his business that generates annual 8-figure sales all by the age of 24, is inspiring to all generations!

Adam's story was written about in a special edition of The Four Year Career by Richard Brooke, and Adam has been featured in The Four Year Career Hero Series of live interview broadcasts with podcast recordings.

Now at only 25 years old, Adam Green has already developed a massive, growing network marketing organization, helping numerous people become network marketing professionals. With the help of his team, Adam was able to achieve becoming the youngest Royal Crown Diamond in his company's 20-year history, empowering others with physical and financial wellness.

Due to his team's rapid success, Adam has found himself in an amazing position where he can influence and inspire others to achieve their own level of success. As a highly sought-after international speaker, Adam provides inspiration and motivation for all age groups. Having been invited to speak four times by his company at their international conventions, as well as privately for numerous other organizations throughout Canada and the USA, Adam has accrued a wealth of knowledge and expertise on coaching and guiding individuals and teams to improve both their financial and personal health and to achieve their dreams.

More about Adam T. Green:

  • Youngest Royal Crown Diamond Distributor in his company's 20 year history
  • Featured distributor in a special edition of The Four Year Career
  • The "Green Team" has expanded to 28+ countries
  • 5-Time Speaker at his company's Annual Convention (2010-2014)
  • Voted an international "Top MLM Leader Under 30 Years" (#14 Worldwide in 2013) on the popular Business For website.
  • Featured Master Networker in Networking Times

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